BT Sport - UEFA Champions League Final Closer X London Grammar

This is the season closer for the UEFA Champions League Final, broadcast after the game finished. 
My role was for the graphics, motion design and visual effects shots, including the reels displayed behind the band. 
One of the most enjoyable projects to have been involved with and an absolute dream brief.

Winner - Royal Television Society
Best Sports Editing 2021

Client: BT Sport
ECD / Director / Maestro: Kevin Evans
DOP: Adam Docker
Editor: Mike Osbourne
Research & Archive: Paul Roberts
GFX / Motion: Liam Scarlino

Shoot Crew: Amy Butler, Stephen Janes, Callum Tunmore, Dan Jenner, Aaj Butler, Rupert Peddle, Andy J Jones, Marie Driffield, Steve Fuller, Peter Newman, Dave Gibson, Roman Dalts