BT Sport x Primal Scream - UCL Closer & TNT Brand Reveal

The closing VT of BT Sport’s final season.
This piece had to highlight the best bits of the last ten years of coverage, before revealing the channel is rebranding to TNT Sports. 
The channel launched with Primal Scream performing in the main studio, and so they were brought back to see the channel out.
The visuals had to show as many key moments as possible. The mixture of styles created a kaledescopic range of moments, reflecting the blurring and mixing of a multitude of memories.
There are two edits with two sets of visuals and content; one for UEFA Competitions, and another for Rugby.
Client: BT Sport
ECD: Kevin Evans
Director: Tim McKenzie-Smith
Producers: Tim McKenzie-Smith (Football) & Molly Armstrong (Rugby)
DOP: Adam Docker
Editors: Joe Snell (Football) & Scott Deeming (Rugby)
Research & Archive: Paul Roberts
GFX / Motion: Liam Scarlino & David Keefe 

UEFA Rights Version

Rugby Version