BT Sport Boxing: Fury v Chisora
State of Play in the Heavyweight Division

Ahead of Tyson Fury’s title defence against Derek Chisora, we were tasked with finding a way to show the twists and turns of the last six months and future match ups within the Heavyweight Boxing division.
With limitations on footage, and noticing how the fighters carefully manouvred within negotiations like chess pieces, we devised a tabletop style game, set in an arena, depicting the fighters as pieces on a moving board, all striving to get to the centre.
My role in the piece was concepting how the tabletop game would look and behave, designing the setting and arena, then animating the pieces, working with the director to move the camera throughout, rendering and compositing.
Client: BT Sport Box Office
Event: Fury vs Whyte
Exec Producer: Kevin Evans
Director: Tim Mackenzie-Smith
Editor: Rob Sizer
Design Lead and Animation: Liam Scarlino
Audio Mix: Paul Lane
Voice Talent: Mark Strong