Hong Gou Coffee Packaging

Packaging and identity for Taiwanese coffee company Hong Gou.

The company produce high quality pour over coffee, sourced from the mountainous central area of Taiwan.
They are proud of their heritage, and asked for a design which reflects the origin of the product, whilst underlining their identity as a Taiwanese brand.
To reduce printing costs, a monotone design was requested, which could be printed onto different card stocks. The slightly different tones and coloured seals indicate the three types of bean available.

In response to this request, I drew a panoramic mountain scene from Sun Moon Lake, a well known idyllic beauty spot in the central mountains, close to the source of the beans, in traditional pen and ink, which is usually used for calligraphy, and chose three heavy uncoated stocks for printing, to give the product an earthy, natural feel. As a nod to Taiwan's aboriginal culture, I chose the seal colours from the Sakizaya tribe's traditional embroidery.

The coffee was released throughout Taiwan in Summer 2016.