Little Darlings Film & TV Mini-Series

I designed and animated the title sequence and animated scenes within the mini-series, Little Darlings, for Sky Kids, working with Kindle Entertainment. 
Telling the story of two sisters living very different lives in London and Birmingham, I created two colour schemes based on the set dressing of their homes and their personalities. The patterns used throughout are based on fabrics from Nigeria and Ghana, as a nod to the character’s heritage.
The visual style is meant to feel playful without being childish, and act as an extension of their imaginations.
The series is available as both a 4 part mini-series and a feature film.

Nominated: Broadcast Awards - Best Children’s Content
Client: Sky Kids
Production Agency: Kindle Entertainment
Executive Producers: Melanie Stokes, Emma Stuart
Director: Ian Aryeh
Design & Animation: Liam Scarlino
Title Music: Lemar Obika

Title Sequence

Montage of animated scenes from the series